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failed experiment [07 Feb 2005|11:24am]
I created this thing in an effort to get people to contribute to the rumor mill, as the old system we had on our website as inadequate. This has gotten out of hand, and its purpose has been misunderstood.

Those still wishing to participate in the rumor mill can send me their submissions in a private e-mail (cossts@yahoogroups.com) and I will edit as necessary.

With thanks and apologies,
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[06 Feb 2005|12:33am]
so what now?
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Insanity [05 Feb 2005|11:54am]
Before you can take any of this information IC, you must ask yourself "Who told me?"

These are not rumors. I can tell because no one said anything about them to me at any game. I didn't find a piece of a journal. I didn't hear about anyone finding a piece of a journal. I didn't read about a death cult in the newspaper.

So where did this information come from?

This is the textbook example of taking IC information, giving it to players OOC, and then having those players bring it in IC. This is metagaming.

Information has a chain of custody. If that chain is broken then you cannot possess the information.

This sort of OOC magical "talk about town" is nonsense and undercuts the players who are most valuable, the ones who actually gather and spread information IC. I heard plenty of rumors at the last game and none of the people who told me things needed to metagame to get the information. They bartered, paid, or charmed their way into it just like everyone else. Or at least, like everyone else should have.

I can only assume that the player who posted about an item found at Elysium has a card for such and that everyone who has "read" the item has held the card in their hand and performed Spirit's Touch upon it. It can only assume that the ST running this plot arc threw the necessary chops with each of those players. I assume these things because if they are not true then absolutely nobody has this information and the post should be deleted.

I ask that the players who routinely deal in rumors and information privately email the STs and express their displeasure at having their character concepts eviscerated. All I ask from everyone else is that the common sense rules about IC/OOC information be observed.

Caveat Emptor
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[03 Feb 2005|08:29pm]
Well, it sounds to me like a friend of a friend story, but I don't know. Whatever it is, its suspicious.

Rumor has it that several "death cults" have sprung up in Connecticut's college campuses, mainly the University of Hartford and The University of Connecticut Law School in Hartford.

Supposedly, one of the eerier parts of the two cults is that they begin and end their ceremonies in blood-letting and blood drinking. Make no mistake, this could very well be a Masquerade breech if it gets out. Seeing as I know about it, it has to be hitting major news channels anytime now...
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[03 Feb 2005|07:44pm]
::random general question, validate it how you like:::

Last event, Hannah Snow had a certain, er, letter, distributed throughout Elysium. While I won't inquire about the portents of said document (although, it really was a good read, no?), what I will inquire about is the number at the bottom.

Well, me being the curious type, I called what I assumed was her phone number. But wouldn't you know it, the line was not in service or disconnected. I thought that was a bit queer, so I called variations of that number. No such luck.

It didn't hit me until I was writing a text message to Angel about ordering more Tequilla, that I realized, perhaps it was a message?

Well it was. I'll give you a hint, it's two words, and here's the number one more time.


And i'll give you two related words to that message, my fellows,

Conspiracy? & Scandal!


Ecstacy--Keeper Of Elysium
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taken from the journal of Hannah Snow [02 Feb 2005|10:26pm]
(OOC: you might have found a page of Hannah Snow's journal shortly after she was herded out of Elysium last game--Spirit Touch turns up confusion and fear)

2004 November

Tonight I had my meeting with Arkady. When I first got the voicemail, I felt fear for my very existence, but why would he kill me, if he were the one who saved me? The voicemail asked that I come alone and come discretely to a Tea House in West Hartford. I showed up on time, and sat in the darkest section of the bar. It was crowded, full of trendy and chic patrons. I reflected a moment that this would be the ideal hang out for Arkady Pedachenko; at least in life. Full of vibrant energy, pretty drinks, pretty girls, pretty guys. All of a sudden, there was a man sitting across from me.

He was wearing a black skully, a jean jacket, and some non-descript designer jeans. the shirt was a dark red. He looked across at me with a face of a haunted man. Or should I say hunted?

I knew from his voice, that across from me, sit the fugitive of Camarilla and Sabbat aggression, Arkady Pedachenko. We spoke at length. Moreso me than him. He said this was for my own good. I told him about the regime change, and about the state of the city. I told him he was a hunted man in the city. He wasn't surprised. His frustration bled through with tears when I told him how former friends plotted his death should he ever return.

At last he asked if I might do him a favor one day. I told him I owed my life to him, he need only ask. He smiled and said he would be in touch.

When we went outside, I saw him get into a non-descript sedan. I could have sworn I saw a man sitting next to him, a man whom I was told was dead...
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[02 Feb 2005|01:44pm]
So our clan elders met to discuss the point of having a sabbat traitor as seneschal; and the weakness of the prince. I understand from my primogen that the council toyed with the idea of, essentially, impeaching her for dereliction of duty. i.e. appointing a traitor with high crimes to a position of both status and substance.

However, the prince and seneschal remain.

So now i fear a great many things. I fear a sabbat traitor is close to the prince. I fear the prince is a liability to the city. I fear that the council is too weak to stand against either.
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Ya know what I tink, [01 Feb 2005|05:56pm]
A few lil rumurs to whet ya appetite.

1) anyone wonderin bout giovanni-brujah "relations" ? whaz a corps fucker doin with a princess ? makes ya wonda what the city is comin to. 'haps someone owes someone a helluva lotta shit, and the goomba johnnies got her by her fangs. are we bein run by the cam or a buncha guidos?

2) where the hell did all the warlocks and rabble come from? jesus farkin christ, you turn around and you're just about stumblin over one or the other. i dunno which (that could be a pun> is worse. typical brujah pretty much, but these tremere are like toreadors with thaum. that makes me nervous.

3) the ventrue remind me of starfleet without the tight fitting uniforms. strutting around on important missions of state. it's kinda funny actually. except on star trek, they usually stuck to having one first officr per series. right now we're playin musical seneschals, have ya noticed? only laurence and snowflake haven't gotten (not that they'd give it to either of them brats).

4) speakin a vantru, there was a couple spectacles the other night ya may've missed. like that snowflake chick running around like the whore of babylon. i mean don't get me wrong, it wasn't really bad by our standards, but for a ventrue, she might as well be a street walker. i thought it was refreshing really. then she comes out of a back room looking all woozy and (cue the theme music) Starfleet promplty exists, stage outta there with snowflake all bundled up like a new borne or a retard. sucks to er.

5) did ya see the episode between the malk and the gangrel? sounds like a joke don't it? well from where i was sittin it looked like it was gonna be a bloodbath, everybody jumpin up and down ready for fresh blood. reminded me again that we are in fact a buncha blood sucking predators. fancy that.

6) did you hear the one abuot the sabbot traiter and the seneschal. huh? same story? who knew.

7) i hear there is some serious gifts-o-caine swappin between the ventrue and the nos. and i though they were "anti-the-man".

8) not that i personally care, but as long as im trashtalkin, hav ya noticed that lately the toreador and the tremere are mating like it ain't no thang? a bunch of nerds fuckin the prom queens ? how does that work ?

9) ya hear about the carlos and chulos, dirty filthy setite ghouls? yeah, beat on the street is they ain't got pulses no more. is that a good thing or a bad thing? i can't tell.

10) so we all know cute innocent little eddie. loyal as hell to doyle, right? the new head honcho for clan brujah isn't one of the long standing residents, or even eddie, whose been in the city for a bit, nah, it's gone to a blackbush. intristin. i wonder how eduardo's feelin bout that one. big ole slap in the face from mama maggie.
i always say, watch the innocent lookin ones. it's tha saints ya gotta watch for.

11) i hear around these parts that a ravnos is sneaking around town saying he's something else. i hate ravnos.

12) this shit is new to me man, but a certain pack a vamps is runing around like robin hood price of fuckin thieves man; but instead of prince jon; it's the sister-fuckers. that's gotta be a fuckin mess in the happenin man. don't envy those punks, shit.
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[14 Sep 2004|01:10pm]
ooc: For those who may be wondering, i meant for this form to function the same way the website rumormill operated, but eliminating the middle man. In the past, players would submit rumors anonymously to me (the webmaster, and not an ST at the time) via e-mail, and I would put them up on the site. In theory, not a bad idea, right?

In practice, rumors came in at the staggering rate of maybe one a year. The ones in the archives you see are those largely of my own, and Dave N.'s creation while we were merely players. I thought that if you did not have to filter rumors through me, they would come more freely.

The old website rumormill was supposed to be "things people were saying." Rumors. Unsubstantiated. Sometimes downright lies that vampires spread to ruin the reputations of others.

Make of this medium what you will. Be ruthless.
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Yeahhh.... soo..... [13 Sep 2004|07:00pm]
Slightly curious what the IC justification is for having a 'rumor mill.' Not sure where I'm supposed to have heard these things I didn't hear, from people I didn't talk to. Does the shadowy Nichole maintain a blog between 'gator feedings? Perhaps the silver-tongued prick Laurent slips a note in your pocket when he goes for your wallet- or my personal favorite- watching friday night "Why we fight" films courtesy of the local Chantry.

That being said:

The archon is a supamegabeotch.
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